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Precious metals are a rare class of non-ferrous metals including: gold, silver. They can be traded in both global spot or futures market as commodity trading.

Spot Gold (London Gold) trades for 24 hours through OTC. By using leverage contracts to trade and quoting prices based on two-way method, when gold prices rise or fall in the market, investors can buy or sell contracts to earn a profit of the difference between the prices. The margin is set by the dealer where it is generally lower than the one given by the Exchange, so investors can be more flexible in regards to their fund investment


Product Details

Product Gold Silver
Contract Unit 100 Ounces 2500 Ounces
Currency USD USD
Quantity 0.1–3 Lots 1–3 Lots
Buy/Sell Spread 20 Cents 2 Cents
Commission 0 0
Initial Margin* (per lot) 2500 USD 2500 USD
Margin Call Level (per lot) 1500 USD 1500 USD
Stop Loss Level (per lot) 250 USD 250 USD


Trading Hours  
Summer Time (HK hours)﹣Monday 7:00a.m till Saturday 5:00a.m
Winter Time (HK hours)﹣Monday 7:00a.m till Saturday 6:00a.m  
Summer Time is defined as the second Sunday in March
Winter Time is defined as the first Sunday in November

Settlement Period

Day end closing and system maintenance (MT4 Login and Trade disable) Summer Time (HK Hours)﹣5:00a.m till 6:00a.m Winter Time (HK Hours)﹣6:00a.m till 7:00a.m

* Depends on public holiday or market situation to be adjusted


Product Features

• No commission
• Minimum initial deposit as low as USD 90 for 10oz (Gold Only)
• The only broker capable of providing a unique price quoting system and displaying price depth
• Client can place orders directly through our stable MT4 trading system


Factors affecting the price

1. The trend of strength in US dollar
2. Price changes in crude oil
3. Inflation and interest rate movements
4. War and political instability
5. World financial crisis
6. Gold supply and demand problem The above factors will, depending on prevailing market conditions, have a different impact on spot gold prices  


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*The Bullion product is not regulated by Securities and Futures Commission

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Account Opening Online Customer Service