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London Stock Exchange (LSE) is one of the most important international financial markets in the world, and provides listing and trading of equity, debt and other securities. It is located at the heart of the world’s leading financial center. Within those listed companies in LSE, a number of them are from overseas.



Important Notes for UK Stock Trading

1. All Bright Smart Securities account holders are eligible to trade UK stocks
2. Commission and charges for UK Stock can be referred at the fee schedule of Global Securities
3. UK stocks are settled on Day T+2
4. The settlement of UK stocks are according to settlement currency of the individual shares, mainly settled In Great Britain Pound (GBP)
5. The unit of your orders are placed in GBP: #Since GBX is used as the quoting unit for UK Stock Market (1 GBP = 100 GBX), you are required to convert the stock price to GBP when you place your order. For instance, if the stock price of HSBA (in the UK stock market) is 509.5 GBX, you should convert it to GBP, i.e., 509.5 / 100 = 5.095 as the stock price of your order.

6.Trading hours: Hong Kong Time
Summer 15:00– 23:30
Winter 16:00– 00:30

7. No physical stock deposit and withdrawal
8. The minimum trading quantity of UK stocks is one share
9. Short-selling service of UK stock is not available

10. Account debit interest: Interest rate for margin account is 6.80%p.a., and the interest rate for Cash account is 10.875%p.a., all interests are denominated in Great Britain Pound (GBP)

11. Remittance handling fee will be charged for Great Britain Pound (GBP) withdrawal



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Account Opening Online Customer Service