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Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX), which was established on December 1, 1999 and merged by two prestigious financial institutions, namely, "the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) and the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX), is the first comprehensive joint-stock securities and financial derivatives Commodity Exchange, which implement a reform of stocks, in Asia-Pacific region.SGX became the first listed Stock Exchange in theAsia-Pacific region, which was through Public Offering and private placement. SGX shares listed on its Stock Exchange, is an integral part of the MSCI Singapore Free circulation of stock price index (the MSCI Singapore Free Index") and the Singapore Straits Times Index and other benchmark indexes; and the Straits Times Index comprised of the top 30stocks ranked by market capitalization. The relatively well-known stocks are DBS Bank (DBS SP), United Overseas Bank (UOB SP), SingTel Singapore Telecom Company (ST SP), Starhub (STH SP), GP Batteries Jinshan Battery (GP SP), HongKong Land Holdings (HKL SP), Jardine Matheson Holdings (JM SP), Hutchison Port Holdings and Hutchison Port Trust (HTHP SPs) and Golden Agri-Resouces (GGR SP) etc.


Important Notes for the Singapore Stock Trading

1. By holding a Bright Smart securities account, one can trade for Singapore shares.
2. In addition to the normal commission rates, there are also Clearing fee and SGX Access Fee. Please refer to the fee schedule of the Global Securities.
3. The number of stocks in each lot is different for different stocks, but most of the stocks have board lots of 1,000 shares.
4. Trading settlement on T+3.
5. The settlement of Singapore shares are according to settlement currency of the individual shares, mainly settled In Singapore dollar and U.S. dollar.
6. Orders of the Singapore Stocks starts at 8:30 am but there is no auction order.
7. Trading hours are from
09:00am to 12:00pm (morning period)
01:00pm to 05:00pm (afternoon period)
8. With paperless escrow and physical deposit and withdrawal services, for related charges, please refer to the fee schedule of the Global Securities.
9. No margin services.
10. Odd lots can only be sold on phone.
11. *Jardine stock action charges are different; please refer to the fee schedule of the Global Securities.
12. For Singapore Stock Code, please refer to our website, Global Securities > Global Equity Search > Market choices in Singapore > search by Company name.

(*The Stock Codes shown on the Singapore Exchange website do not apply to Bright Smart for orders)

*Jardine stock list

Company  Stock Number
Jardine Matheson HLDGS Ltd JM SP
Jardine Strategic HLDGS Ltd JS SP
Mandarin Oriental INTL Ltd MAND SP
Dairy Farm INTL Holdings Ltd DFI SP
HongKong Land Holdings Limited HKL SP


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* The Stock Codes shown on the Singapore Exchange website do not apply to Bright Smart for orders; for stock number, please refer to Bright Smart’s global securities Search

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