One Press Order

One Press Order


• Customers only need to install a program, then you can immediately
start the trading services
• Since the online trading platform needs to use Internet Explorer (IE),
we therefore offer other choices for those customers who cannot use IE
• Use “one press order” function can make you free from the trouble of
one by one input
• For an ever-changing market, you can immediately make orders
accurately and fast
• For professional and frequent trading customers, this feature can
improve the speed of their organizations and making orders

System Requirement
• Windows XP or above (if the system is XP, Microsoft Dot Net 2.0
is required to be installed)
• CPU: above Core 2 Duo
• RAM: 4GB (suggesting at least over2GB)

Software download  

Software brochure  

*Warm reminders: Customers can subscribe to the "one press order" (Professional Edition system) service through “the Account Management” of “the Online Trading Platform”.