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Australian Securities Exchange Ltd, or ASX Limited (ASX) was established in 2006 after the six state securities exchanges merged with the Sydney Futures Exchange. Its headquarters is located in Sydney.


Important Notes for Australian Stock Trading:

1. All Bright Smart Securities account holders are eligible to trade Australian shares
2. Commission and charges for Australian Stock can be referred at the fee schedule of Global Securities
3. The minimum investment for each trade is AUD $500 (Only for Buy Order)
4. Australian shares are settled on Day T+2
5. The settlement currency for Australian stock is Australian dollar (AUD)
6. Trading hours: Summer (Winter) Trading hour – Hong Kong Time 07:00(08:00) – 13:00(14:00) Summer : the first Sunday of October to the first Sunday of April Winter : the first Sunday of April to the first Sunday of October
7. No margin financing services
8. No physical stock deposit and withdrawal
9. The minimum trading quantity of Australian stocks is one share 10. Short-selling service of Australian stock is not available


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